Wednesday, 27 March 2013


                            Great Ogboru, DPP Governorship candidate
Great Ovedje Ogboru is a household name in Delta State not only in the sphere of politics but in other areas of life such as integrity, honesty, justice, philanthropy etc. Great Ovedje Ogboru is a charismatic leader that commands respect among all races across the globe. In the business world, he is a force to reckon with. Great Ogboru started his working career in 1980 when he moved to Lagos and got a job as a Marketing Officer with Exchange Fisheries Limited. He barely worked for three years at the time he resigned his appointment from Exchange Fisheries Limited in 1983 and ventured into the turbulent Nigerian business world. How did he start his own business, inquisitive minds may ask? Integrity laid the foundation upon which Ogboru started his private business. This was so because while Ogboru was working as a Marking Officer with Exchange Fisheries Limited, an Israeli businessman who wanted to transact stockfish business was referred to him. Ogboru as an intelligent and astute salesman, told the Israeli that the stockfish could be sold as frozen fish and the profit would be more. 
The Israeli heeded the advice of Ogboru. Great Ogboru sold the whole stockfish, made more profit than he had envisaged and returned all the profit, including the excess to the Israeli businessman! The Israeli businessman was so impressed by the high level transparency displayed by Great Ogboru that he handed over the entire business to him.
Thus, Great Ogboru registered Fiogret Limited, a fish trading firm and had connections with Bulgaria, Russia and the United Kingdom. Fiogret later signed a joint venture with the Russian Government to fish in the whole African waters! Now, the first reason why the Delta people want Great Ogboru as their governor is integrity. When Great Ogboru sold all the stockfish and made more profit than he expected, he returned the profit and the excess to the Israeli businessman. That was a show of impeccable transparency! How many Nigerians would return the profit and the excess of a business transaction to the owner? How many Nigerians have this type of integrity? Governance is about integrity and the Delta people want Great Ogboru who has integrity as their governor. The reason why Delta State as an oil producing state is poor is because of dishonest people that have been at the helm of affairs in recent years. This is why Deltans want Ogboru who can use the massive oil wealth that accrue to the state, to improve the lives of the citizens and also create jobs for the army of unemployed youths. Deltans do not want a man who will steal their wealth and build refineries in other countries.
Another reason why Deltans want Great Ogboru as governor is because he is a successful businessman. Governance is a big business and the purpose of business is to provide solutions to problems. A man who has not been able to manage his private business successfully has no reason attempting to become a governor of a state. Governance is for those who been successful in their private businesses or chosen careers. Such people will be able to manage the resources of the state to better the lives of the citizens. This is why Deltans want Ogboru as governor because he is a successful businessman. Through his entrepreneurial ability within three years of the existence of Fiogret, the company established seven subsidiaries in quick succession. Grato Nig. Ltd, a foremost furniture production company was the first subsidiary. Grato won a National Award for Excellence in 1987/1988. GLE Finance LTD, Lagos, a finance company with bureau de change operations; Sofimar Nig. LTD, a joint venture with the former Soviet Union Government of President Mikhail Goberchev; Abraka Rubber Industries LTD; West Coast Publicity Company LTD; Fiogret Express LTD, a transport company and Ethiope Commercial Bank LTD.
Thus, since Great Ogboru is successful in his business empire, he has the ability to manage the resources of Delta State to move the state forward. This is why Deltans earnestly want him as their governor. Deltans want Great Ogboru as governor so that he can replicate his wealth of experience that enabled him to succeed as a businessman in the business of leading Delta State to its rightful position. The days of saying that government has no hands in business have long gone. Today, governance is a very big business and it is the governor who knows that governance is a big business that will formulate time testing policies that can encourage businesses to thrive. Great Ogboru has these leadership qualities; this is why Deltans want him as governor! In addition, Deltans want Great Ogboru as governor because he is a job creator. With his numerous companies, he has been able to create jobs for millions of Nigerians across the country. Thus, if Ogboru becomes governor of Delta State, he will introduce policies that will stimulate job creation across the state.
In addition to all that have been mentioned above, Ogboru is a detribalized man who believes in equality. This is why his companies employ on equal basis. His scholarship schemes do not consider ethnicity as people from every tribe in Nigeria have benefited from the scheme on merit. One other reason why Deltans want Ogboru as governor is because of his international connections. When the unfortunate incidence of Orkar coup of April 22, 1990, occurred, Ogboru went on self-exile, while he was in exile, he bought five vessels and employed over 300 Europeans who were fishing in European waters for him. How many black men have Europeans in their employments that are working for them? Thus, if Ogboru becomes the governor of Delta State, he has international connections with which he can bring foreign investors to invest immensely in the Delta State economy. Indeed, Delta State needs a man like Great Ogboru to galvanize the state to greater heights.
Delta people have seen in Great Ogboru integrity, honesty, character, business mindedness etc. They see a man who has Europeans working for him and can stimulate foreign investments into the Delta State economy. This is why they had trooped out in each election to vote for the man they truly love. Delta people have spoken in four elections and their mandates were stolen from them in all four elections but as the saying goes, the voice of the people is the voice of God. Nobody can prevail against the voice of the people which is the voice of God and once God has spoken, it will surely come to pass! So, as the great people of Delta State want Great Ovedje Ogboru as their governor, it will definitely come to reality one day.

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