Tuesday, 11 December 2012


 The title of my last piece was in a question form (DO YOU HAVE A DREAM?). Then I defined a dream as a goal, ambition, wish etc that you want to achieve in life. Having known what a dream is, today, we shall look at how you can create or get a dream for yourself. Before we go further, I want to make it clear that a dream is quite different from a talent. While a talent is an innate ability given to man by God to do certain thing(s) exceptionally, a dream is simply what you chose to do by yourself. This is why somebody can be talented in singing but study law to become a lawyer, economics to become an economist, accounting to become an accountant, communication to become a communicator etc. Also, it should be made clear here that you can create a dream from your talent, profession, career etc. Your dream may be to practice your God-given talent or what you have studied in the university to influence your life and the lives of other people.
 Martin Luther King Jr., was a pastor but chose to become a human rights activist to fight against racial discrimination in America during his time. His dream was to ensure that all Americans; black and white had equal treatment. He was assassinated based on his portent condemnation of racial segregation in America but his dream of equality of all Americans was actualised with the emergence of Senator Barack Obama as the first black man to become the president of America. Today, both the blacks and the whites enjoy the same rights but in the days of Martin Luther King Jr., the story was different as there was discrimination against the blacks.  Also, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa is an Anglican Priest but had a dream to bring an end to apartheid. So, he took to activism to fight against apartheid in South Africa. Today, apartheid has crumbled in South Africa and there is equality among the various tribes that constitute that country.
Thus, your talent, profession, career, politics, activism etc can be your dream with which you can impact your life and the world positively. The synopsis of what I am saying is that you should have something you can call your dream which you can pursue in order to effect a positive change in the world! The purpose of having a dream is simply to impact the world positively.
Now, how do you create or get a dream to pursue in life? One thing that can help you create a dream for yourself is through the thing you have passion for. Ordinarily, whatever you have passion for will definitely come to you with ease. You will gravitate toward whatever you have passion for. For instance, if you have passion for freedom and human rights, you will want to become a social crusader or human rights activist. This will propel you to fight against oppression and crimes against humanity. Here, your dream will be to ensure human rights. That was why the legal luminary, late Chief Gani Fawehemi became a human rights activist because he hated oppression! So, he used his law power to wage war against the oppression of the poor.
If you have passion to assist the poor, your dream is to become a philanthropist that will empower the poor so they can become self-sufficient in life. This passion will engender you to form a non-governmental organisation where the poor can access funds to set up cottage industries. The list of what can assist you create your dream is endless. Use the few mentioned above as a guide.
Your passion will help you create your dream. So, you need to study yourself and see the things you have passion for, and create your dream from them. A man without a dream is a man without a destination. Create a dream for yourself so you can have a destination!
Look out for the third article on this series.
You will make it.
See you at the zenith of your dream!

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