Friday, 25 January 2013


Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on January 25th, fixed the cost of all domestic Off-Net Short Messaging Service (SMS) at N4:00. This new cost will take effect from February 5. This directive, which was given by the Nigerian Communications Commission, was signed by the Director, Legal and Regulatory Services of NCC, Ms. Josephine Amuwa. In a statement issued by the commission’s Head of Media and Public Relations, Reuben Muoka, this directive has been communicated to the operators since January 3, 2013. However, NCC, the sole regulatory organ in the telecommunication industry didn’t state the cost on International SMS. Ms. Amuwa said, the commission, arrived at the new price cap after due considerations consultative meetings. She said having evaluated and analyzed SMS traffic information provided by the operators, the commission noted that “There was a general recognition that the cost of SMS is too high, especially in view of the interconnection rate of N1.02 for SMS as determined by the commission in 2009”. This is a piece of cheering news for all phone users in Nigeria!

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