Wednesday, 13 March 2013


                                      "How can I collect a commission for 
                                         doing a job for which I am paid?"

                                                   Alhaji Aminu Kano

  "Leadership ( who fight corruption) begin by sending a 
 strong signal of change to their institutions and to citizens. 
 They publicize their intent to attack corruption. But in 
 corruption societies, words count for little. People have
 heard plenty of rhetoric about corruption and now
 don't believe it. The culture of corruption contains the idea 
 that big fish will swim free, that the power enjoy impunity. 
Successful leaders change this idea through impressive 
action,  not just words. One step is to fry a big fish ( or two)".

Robert Klitgaard, of Claremont Graduate University. 
The lecture he delivered  in December 2004 on the
 topic titled: Leadership under Systemic Corruption

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