Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Papa Edekunu departs gloriously

Requiem for Pa Samuel Edekunu 

Requiem for Pa Samuel Ajawhobor held on Saturday 6, December, 2014 at the St. Paul Anglican Church, Evwreni Town, Ughelli North LGA, Delta State, Nigeria.
Chief Ochuko Edekunu and wife
Chief Emmanuel Edekunu and wife
Engineer Isaac Edekunu and wife

Pa Edekunu on display

Pa Edekunu being lower into mother earth

Chief Ochuko and siblings at the grave side

The clergy at the grave side

Otueghe (Jnr.) on display
Otueghe (Jnr.) on display
Papa Samuel Edekunu, departed to glory on Saturday 6, December, 2014 as he was committed to mother earth at his Evwreni Town amidst jubilation and celebration. The reason is because Papa was very old as he took his last breath at a very ripe age of 87 years. In the Urhobo Culture where Papa belonged, the death of an old person is not mourned but celebrated; whether there is money or not. But Papa had both; he was old and had wealthy children. With many children which surrounded his table; there was no reason whatsoever to weep but celebrate the death and burial of Papa Edekunu.  
The first son, Chief Ochuko Edekunu (a.k.a confirmed minister of enjoyment) was ready and also ensured that the things that give enjoyment were made available in abundance. Chief Emmanuel Edekunu, a business tycoon and Chief Executive Officer of Makunu Oil & Allied Products Limited, is another son of Papa Edekunu who knows the good things of life; provided such things in surplus to his guests at the reception. Engineer Isaac Edekunu, the immediate younger brother to Chief Emmanuel Edekunu was also on ground to support his elder brother in making the guests happy during the burial. Dr. Gideon Edekunu who is next to Engineer Isaac Edekunu was adequately present to render a helping hand to his elder brothers to offer Papa Edekunu a befitting burial.
Thus, the burial ceremony turned festival and carnival. It was so as there was much to eat and drink. Music was provided by various musicians; notable among them was Lucky Okri, the younger brother to music legend Mike Okri. The guests danced to the sonorous and melodious performances of the musicians with legs that have known many dance steps over the years. High point of the funeral was the spray of foreign currencies. The American dollars and other foreign currencies were demystified and rendered valueless as they were sprayed freely on both the celebrants and guests.
Another spectacle performance was that of Otueghe Junior. Otueghe Junior is the son of Otueghe who mesmerized Nigerians especially the people of the Niger Delta with his acrobatic display with his motorcycle. His son, Otueghe Junior has taken over from where his father stopped. During the burial, Otueghe Junior held all and sundry spell-bound with his superlative-acrobatic display with his motorcycle. It was a mystery to behold. The activities of Otueghe Junior are a demonstration that the people of the Niger Delta have great talents waiting to be tapped. In summary, Pa Samuel Ajawhobor Edekunu must be smiling in his grave because he was indeed accorded a befitting burial.        

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