Tuesday, 11 August 2015

President Buhari As A Newly Wedded Bride

                     President Muhammadu Buhari
Despite the incalculable mistakes being demonstrated by President Muhammadu Buhari, his diehard followers would never entertain criticisms not even constructive ones in this regard; they want every Nigerian to accept whatever he does either good or bad! This is pitiable! This is how a newly wedded bride is treated and nourished till the honeymoon is over. She does nothing wrong as long as she yields her nubile body to satisfy her groom’s sexual cravings; a young man who had been sex starve through many years of bachelorhood! But when the honeymoon is over and the young groom had gotten a myriad of sexual escapades and becomes nauseated by the once adorable and untouchable bride, she suddenly becomes a punching bag!

Certainly, and no doubt too, President Buhari is in a honeymoon at the moment hence his political party the APC and his unrepentant admirers will never want him vilified even when there are palpable reasons to do so. The invitation of Buhari to America by President Barack Obama was eulogised by his followers. They perceived his invitation to America as the greatest favour that any Nigerian leader has ever courted in the political history of this country; this is a fallacy anyway. After all, former President Goodluck Jonathan was also invited by President Obama several times but their meetings didn’t yield anything tangible because Jonathan signed the anti-Same Sex Marriage Bill into law which was against the interest of Obama who wanted him to promote gay marriage in Nigeria. This was one of the reasons why Obama didn’t support him in combating the Boko Haram insurgents.
The support accorded the All Progressives Congress (APC) by the American Government during the presidential election was to woo the APC led Federal Government to encourage same sex marriage in Nigeria. That was why gay marriage topped the agenda of the meeting between Presidents Buhari and Obama! During that meeting, Obama promised to support Nigeria with $5m to confront the Boko Haram insurgents and the APC considered this as a laudable achievement by Buhari because according to them former President Jonathan couldn’t extract such a promise from the American Government. Is the APC led Federal Government saying that the immediate past administration should have compelled the American Government to have promised Nigeria that equal sum of money or more when the America Government didn’t have such amount of money to give out as largesse? Has Obama fulfilled his promise of $5m support to Nigeria? In addition, when will African countries including Nigeria stop depending on foreign aids in order to build their countries?
During the visit, Obama requested Buhari to revisit the anti-gay laws. To this, Buhari  vehemently refused and because of his refusal, both Presidents couldn’t sign the arms deal which was one of the aims of the visit to America in the first place. In spite of the failure of President Buhari to seal the arms deal with President Obama, the APC and some gullible Nigerians regarded the visit as a huge success. But how was Buhari’s visit to America different from those of ex-President Jonathan?
Not even the absence of ministers can make the followers of Buhari to shift their support for a minute. They failed to realize the fact that the country has been at a standstill since the inauguration of APC Government on May 29. And it will remain at a standstill till September, the month Buhari promised to appoint his ministers. Is it not bothersome that Buhari that had contested the presidential elections for 12 years doesn’t have the picture of those he can appoint as ministers but must consult soothsayers and diviners to tell him whom to appoint? 
In addition, all the people that have been invited for questioning by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) so far are members of the People Democratic Party (PDP). Is the APC led Federal Government and the EFCC saying all members of the APC are incorruptible? Why are they not being invited for questioning like those of the PDP? In the midst of this anomaly and glaring discriminatory pseudo war against corruption,  undiscerning Nigerians are applauding President Buhari and the APC Government. To these uninformed and na├»ve Nigerians, as long as members of the PDP are being harassed and disgraced without proper investigation, they are satisfied. But is the PDP the beginning and the end of problems confronting Nigeria? Certainly not! The APC said Nigerians shouldn’t expect the party to right the wrongs that the PDP promoted for 16 years in just two months but the same APC wanted the PDP to have corrected the maladministration that was perpetuated by the military for 33 years in just 16 years!
It is a fact that power supply usually improves during the raining seasons in Nigeria due to stable water supply to the dams. The four refineries have always been producing but not to capacity but the followers of Buhari are attributing the improvement in power supply and the functioning refineries as a result of the fear of Buhari. Do faulty machines work due to fear of somebody? It is only in Nigeria we hear things like this!
No doubt, President Buhari is being treated like a newly wedded bride. He is enjoying the supports of his credulous followers and his party (APC). The support he is enjoying at the moment is temporary. Therefore, he must act fast and appoint his ministers so that governance and development can been felt and seen. His anti-corruption war should be without bias or partiality.   

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