Friday, 29 April 2016

School of Marriage

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It is obvious that marriage is the first institution ever established by the Almighty God. The importance of marriage can’t be overemphasized because at one point in life everybody will get married except those who are eunuchs, nuns, celibates and monks. But as important as marriage is, there is no school anywhere in the entire world where people could go and learn about it. Marriage is the most complicated issue in life but people don’t seek information about it.
People spend seven years in the university to acquire knowledge about how they could become medical doctors, some spend six years to gather knowledge on how to become mechanical engineers while others spend five years to acquire knowledge in the field of law to become lawyers. But nobody spends time to gather knowledge about marriage before they jump into it! This is the bane of marriage! It is not because there are no specific schools where issues about marriage are taught that prevents people from seeking knowledge about it rather it is simply because people don’t attach much importance to marriage as they do to other aspects of their lives. After all, there are very good books about marriage but people don’t read them! Again, there are notable marriage counselors across the globe that can give good counsels about marriage but people don’t visit them because they don’t want to spend money!
Thus, from dating, wooing, choosing a partner, courtship and getting married, are all done without a minute knowledge of what marriage is all about. So, people go into marriage in total ignorance and blindness. Therefore, because of lack of knowledge in marriage, people rush into it and rush of it too.
Subsequently, my next posts will address dating, wooing, choosing a partner, courtship and getting married. Also, I will endeavour to discuss the factors that can make or mar marriages. A bad marriage is next to hell fire while a good marriage is next to heaven. You won't enjoy your life if you have a bad marriage, on the other hand, your life will be blissful if you a good marriage.  In this regard, follow me persistently as I take you step by step through the various processes of relationships leading to marriage.

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