Sunday, 1 May 2016

Who Should Attend The School Of Marriage?

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Thus, once you have attained the age of 18 years and above you are free to attend this school of marriage. This is because marriage is not for boys and girls. Marriage is not for toddlers. Marriage is not for those who are still sucking their mother’s breasts. Marriage is not for the immature minds rather it is for the matured minds! Let me be honest with you, this school of marriage is not the conventional school.
It is not a school that has a physical structure or building situated in a particular place. No, it is not a physical school. This is school of marriage is a personal experience gathered in my marriage over a period of time through careful study and observations. It is a school based on many years of studying the lives of many couples of who have succeeded in their marriages over many decades. Are you matured enough for this school of marriage? Then follow me to this school of marriage. I shall touch another aspect of this school of marriage in my next post. So, watch out for it. The school of marriage is for everybody who wishes to get married sometime in life. As I mentioned in my last post on this all important topic, marriage is for everybody except eunuchs, nuns, celibates and monks who vowed to sanctify themselves unto the service of the Almighty God. But if you don’t belong to this class of people you need to attend the school of marriage. Is there a specific age for those who should attend this school of marriage? Yes, there is specific age for this school of marriage. For you to attend this school of marriage you must attain the age of accountability. This is you must be age 18 and above; this is the age of accountability acceptable all over the world.


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