Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Guild of Public Affairs Analysts Emerges in Lagos

                         L-R Victor, Steve, Jide, Ayo, Sote, Ehi & Achike     

An umbrella body for public affairs analysts known as Guild of Public Affairs Analysts has emerged. The pioneering members of the guild held its inaugural meeting on Saturday, November 26 in one of the choicest hotels in the Lagos metropolis, the prestigious Platinum Apartment and Suites, located in the prime Ikeja Government Reservation Area. 
Mr. Ayo Baje who declared the meeting open, thanked the pioneering members of the guild for creating time out of their tight schedule to attend the inaugural meeting. He went down memory lane to relate how he muted the idea to form the guild of analysts sometimes ago but those he conveyed his idea to, didn’t take it seriously until only recently when he discussed it with Mr. Victor Anya who took it up with enthusiasm which translated into the inaugural meeting. He implored the pioneering members of the guild to applaud Mr. Victor Anya for his doggedness in pursuing the idea to reality. His request was complied with instantly without delay. He said the idea to form guild of analysts was born owing mainly to the many risks association with analysts such as hatred by the public, attacks, accidents, assassination attempts etc. According to Baje, whenever analysts make balanced, objective and constructive criticism or analysis on politicians, governments at local, state and federal levels, members of the public who have sympathy for such politicians or government, tend to develop hatred towards such analysts.
He narrated an incident in which somebody he didn’t know but pretended to be his former schoolmate, demanded for his residential address through a telephone conversation all in a bid to locate and possibly harm him because of his stand on certain national issues in the past. Likewise, he recounted how another analyst was asked to stop condemning the infamous third term agenda with a gift of N3m while the giver of the money was holding an unidentified object which made the analyst to shiver. He said the analyst in question manoeuvred and escaped from the presence of his probable captor with a whisker.  In addition, he said there was need for analysts to have a body that would unite them so they could have a strong voice on international issues in general and national issues in particular. As he put it, “There are no more opposition political parties in the country presently, therefore there is need for robust public affairs analysts to give direction to the governments at all levels of governance.”  Above all, he said there was need for analysts to have a body that would take care of their welfare. Other members of the guild also recounted their experiences as a result of analyzing national issues.
The guild set up some standards to guide its members on its operations. The standards included the followings but not limited to them only. Members of the guild were charged to maintain high level integrity, they should be non-partisan in analyzing national issues for the purpose of national interest; they must not use the name of the guild to pursue personal gains; they must be constructive, balanced and objective in analyzing international and national issues so as not to bring the guild into disrepute.
In a unanimous decision, the guild appointed Ayo Baje and Victor Anya as President and Secretary respectively to coordinate the activities of the guild till election would be conducted to elect those who would lead the guild in future.
In his closing remarks, Baje,  the interim President of the Guild of Public Affairs Analysts, called on members of the newly formed guild to take the organization very seriously because according to him, the members of the guild would be highly sought after in the near future because of their analytical position on national and international issues.
The President of the guild, Ayo Baje is a media consultant and renowned public affairs analyst. Other members of the guild include Jide Akintude who is the publisher of Financial Nigeria Magazine, Lekan Sote, a highly respected columnist with the Punch Newspaper, Stephen Aya, a career journalist with the National Weekender, Ehi Iden, a Security and Safety expert, Achike Chude, an author and a well sought after public affairs analyst, Victor Anya, the interim Secretary, is the Principal Consultant at Media Acts & Solution.

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