Saturday, 12 August 2017

No restructuring no Nigeria


Restructuring is to allow the states control their resources and pay taxes to the federal government. It is to allow the states generate, transmit and distribute electricity. It is to allow the states own and control their police which is the same as state police. Restructuring is tantamount to devolution of power to the states. There are about 70 items in the exclusive list of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. Restructuring is about removing 60 of those items from the exclusive list to the residual list. This is to allow the states have more power to execute certain things they are presently not being allowed to execute.
It is only in Nigeria that states will own the lands but the natural deposits or resources underneath the lands belong to the federal government. This is why the states can't mine the various natural deposits in their lands and go Abuja every month to beg for the crumbs that fall from the table of the federal government. This is why the states are unproductive and indolent. This will no longer be tolerated by the states.

This is has created unemployment, hunger, agitation, restiveness etc across the entire country. Nobody, anyone or group of persons that are oppose to restructuring of Nigeria is or are the number ONE public enemy of Nigeria. It is pertinent to state clearly that without restructuring the country, there may not be Nigeria in the very near future. 

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