Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why are you poor?


There is basically no reason why anybody should be poor in this world that has myriad of opportunities. In fact, there are more opportunities than the number of people in the world. This is because there are over seven billion people in the globe and each person has many needs to meet or problems to be solved daily. Nobody can meet all their needs all alone! Thus, people rely on others in order to have their problems solved. This is why people are interdependent. It is a case of “no man is an island to himself”. No one person has the solution to all the problems in this world.  If there is such a person, he or she will become a superhuman. To have a superhuman that knows everything and has solutions to all the problems in this world will be dangerous as such a person will hold the whole world for ransom and be indispensable!
Indeed, for you to be relevant in the game of life and overcome poverty, you must discover the potentials you have; which you can render as service to others and get paid. God created each and every one of us with potentials to solve problems. You help solve other people’s problems why they too help to solve your own problems. This is why the world is a network of activities. So, people are trained in different specialties or use their natural potentials to help solve problems. Everybody is created to solve one problem or the other. It is by solving problems people get their means of livelihood and also become rich.  So, while other persons are helping to solve your problems you are also helping them to solve their own problems. So, if you can’t solve any problems, you will definitely be poor. This is why nobody should be idle. Idleness brings poverty.
Thus, the number of problems of other people you can solve will determine the amount of money you will make daily, weekly or monthly. But one question you must ask yourself is “what problem can I solve or what service can I render that will meet the needs of other people?” In other word, once you can identify or discover the potentials you have; that you can utilize to solve other people’s problems, you have no reason to be poor! Why? Because many people are looking for you to help solve their problems or meet their needs! Or, are you saying that of the seven billion people across the world, you can’t help solve the problems of 100 of them, 50 of them or 30 of them? What about just 20 of them? Can’t you solve the problems of 20 persons? Or, you mean you have no service to render to anybody in this world with over seven billion people and get paid? This is where the challenge of life is.
Now, let us assume that you are able to solve the problems of 20 persons on monthly basis and each of them pays you N20,000; how much will that be at the end of the month? That will give you N40,000 for just providing solutions to the problems of 20 persons monthly! A peanut you will say! Lets assume you help to solve the problems of 30 persons. What will be your income at the end of the month at same amount of N2,000 per person? You will make N60,000! Small amount of money you will say but that will enable you meet some of your needs. Your income will continue to increase you help more people to solve their problems. There is something unique you have that people outside there are looking for. Come out of your shell, go out there, give it to them and get paid for your services. Then you will come out of poverty! 

My next article shall be on “How to discover your potentials”. Be on the look out for it. 

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