Monday, 18 November 2013

You are unique


My last post was about How to discover your potential. I defined what potential is and how you can discover your potentials. However, today, I shall be talking about you are unique. To be unique means to be the only one or special. It means to be separated from the crowd. There is something you have that makes you special and different from the over seven billion people that inhabit the earth! Do you know you can explore your uniqueness to become great or rich? Great or rich people all over the world are people who were able to discover their uniqueness and used it to proffer solutions to the problems of others; serving others in return for money. What is unique about you?

Having read my last post on how to discover your potential; by now I expected you to have discovered your potential. Your potential is your own unique nature or uniqueness. It is what makes you different from the crowd. Are you not different from other people or are you just like other people that are moving upon the face of the earth who do not know that they are unique; a passing phase? I do not think you are, rather I believe and see you are as somebody special; a unique person. There are no two of your type or kind in the whole wide world. This is why your fingerprint is different from those of other people. Also, your palms are different from those of others. Look at your palms and compare them with those of your brother or sister; they are different. The lines on your palms are different from those of other people. This is why you are different; you are unique. This is also why you must see yourself as a king. Kings are not easy to come by; they are not common; they are rare. In a whole local government area, there may be only one king or none. Thus, in the whole world, there is only one of your type. And no matter how bad you may see yourself, there is something good about you. That is your uniqueness. This is what you need to explore to your advantage. Remember, it is the way you see yourself that people will also see you. If you see yourself as a nobody or a nonentity-that is how other people will see you. Do you see yourself as somebody that is unique or as a nobody?     
One thing you must realise is that no matter how you look-beautiful, handsome, ugly, fat, slime, black, fair etc you can indeed explore these features to your advantage. After all, you didn’t create yourself; you were created by a supreme Being-God. God have a reason for creating you the way you are. I can boldly tell you that ladies that have won beauty contests across the world are not the most beautiful people. They are people who merely explored what they had and contested for the crowns. First, they defeated fear, shyness, self defeat etc. Second, they went for the competition before they eventually won. There are many more beautiful ladies out there that have not been able to use their beauty for anything meaningful to themselves and their societies. They do not see themselves as beautiful enough to contest for beautiful crowns. They are afraid and fearful of the possible outcome of such contests! For you to achieve success with your uniqueness, you need to conquer fear. Fear is the greatest enemy of man. Once you able to conquer fear you will undoubtedly achieve greatness. 

Explore your uniqueness and become great. You will succeed. You can do it. See you at the other side of success!

Dear VME readers, how do you see yourselves? Do you see yourselves as unique or as a nobody-nonentity? Please, leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you.

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