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How to discover your potential

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In my last post, I asked a question, Why are you poor? At the end of that post, I promised to talk about “how to discover your potential (s)” in my next post, which is this one. So, here is the fulfilment of that promise. But before we go further, we need to know what potential is. The word “potential” has many definitions or meanings but for the purpose of this post, potential is “simply the talent, quality or ability one has”. Thus, talent, quality and ability shall be used interchangeably in this post. Quality, talent or ability can be innate or acquired through training or education. Innate talent, ability or quality are the special gifts God deposited in each and everyone of us during creation. They include singing, dancing, acting, creative writing, modelling, leadership, etc. Non-innate talent, quality or ability is what we acquired through formal or informal education or learning a trade. So, everybody has potential (s) in them; therefore everybody has something to offer. Since everybody has potential to offer, it is left for you to look inward and discover what your talent, ability or potential is.

Meanwhile, how can you discover your potentials? You can discover in the following ways:

 Identify the things you do with ease.You can discover your potential by identifying the thing (s) you to do with ease. That is, something you do without difficulty; you do that certain thing without stress. It is an effortless exercise but with great success! You don't struggle to achieve success when you do that certain thing in question. Any time you do that certain with ease but achieve great success be rest assured that your potential lies in that certain thing. So, you need to pursue that certain thing.

What you love doing. Also, you can discover your potential by the thing (s) you love to do. You just love to do that certain thing under any circumstances. You are not discouraged by any barriers, obstacles or what people say about you or what you do. You have a strong desire to do that certain thing. Whenever you have strong love to do that certain thing, know that that is your potential. You therefore need to devote more time to that certain you do love with much love.

When people applaud you. In addition, you can also discover your potential by the response you get from people when you do that certain thing. When people applaud you whenever you do that certain thing; know that your potential lies there. That is, people praise you whenever you do that  certain thing (s) because you do such certain thing (s) very well. People give you a standing whenever you do that certain thing. Why? Because you do that certain very well. People like to see you do that certain thing because they enjoy it when you are doing it. That is where you potential lies. Pursue it with all your strength; it is your divine gift.
Your dreams, visions and trances. You may also discover your potential through dreams, visions or trances. Here, you see yourself doing that certain thing in dreams, visions or trances. It occurs regularly and you begin to wonder as to what is actually happening to you. It is frequent occurrences.  These are all signs that your potential lie in that certain thing you see yourself doing in dreams, visions and trances. Hold on to that certain thing very well; it is your gift from the Almighty God to bless your life real good.

 As mentioned above, potentials can either be innate or acquired. Therefore, anybody can acquire their potential through formal or informal education or learning a trade. Medical doctors, lawyers, business administrators, psychologists, philosophers, nurses, mass communicators, etc have potentials that can enable them render services to people and get paid for their services. Definitely, there is something inside of you which no other person has that you can offer as service and be paid. That potential in you makes you a unique person. Success in life is all about being unique. It is being yourself; being different from others.
I know by now you would have discovered what your potential is. Now, what is your potential-talent, quality and ability? What makes you different from other people? What potentials do you have that makes you unique? Have you been able to discover your potentials? There are  potentials inside of you. You can discover your potentials. You can do it. Discover you potentials and become great and rich!

Dear VME readers, do you know other means by which we can discover our potentials? Please share them with us in the comments section. Thank you.

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