Sunday, 26 January 2014

Why you should not be poor


In my last post on this series of how to overcome poverty, I talked about this topic titled, You are unique. In that post mentioned the fact that you can use your uniqueness to make money. However, today I shall be talking about this all important topic titled, why you should not be poor. According to the United Nations (UN) definition of poverty, the poor are people who live on $1 a day. The poor are people who can barely meet the daily necessity of life-food, clothing, shelter etc. It is however interesting to note that many people across the globe, especially those in Africa, live on less than a $1 daily which is the below the poverty line.
A pathetic situation you will say! Many African countries are under the yoke of poor leadership characterized by monumental waste and corruption. But in the midst of all these negativities that currently confront the world, there are still rich people across the world! This is why we say poverty is optional. Even the Holy Bible says that the poor will always be with us. Does it mean that God created some people to be rich and others poor? I do not think so rather I believe people choose what they want to become-poverty or wealth either through commission or omission! Everybody has the right to choose what they wish to become in life-poverty or wealth. God did not create some people to be rich and others to be poor. Poverty is a thing of the mind. Anyone who makes up his mind to be rich will definitely become rich while those who feel that poverty is their lot will indeed remain poor.
In a serious note, no Nigerian has reason to poor because there are countless opportunities in the country. I know this position will shock many Nigerians. But it shouldn’t be surprising to any Nigerian as the explanation below will buttress this position. As already mentioned above, African countries are bedeviled with poor leadership leading to poor infrastructures and sometimes, even total lack of them. Thus, in Nigeria, at the moment, the citizens complain of lack of electricity supply, bad roads, lack of housing, water supply etc. These are all genuine and well founded complaints. However, one truth must be told; as genuine as these complains are, they will remain with us for a very long time. Come to think about it, since you have been complaining over the years about lack of infrastructures, has it changed the status quo? Then, must you continue to complain? The answer emphatic is No!
What you need to do is to find a way around these negativities for your own advantage. One indisputable advantage about the Nigerian situation is her large population which automatically translates to a large market. With a large population of 170 million people, you can sell all kinds of goods and services. But the problem now is what do you have to offer to this large population that is waiting for your goods and services? Just look at your palm, there is money on it with which you can start something doing right now and begin to make money! How much money do you have on you to start with? Ok, maybe you don’t even have a kobo on you with which to start a business. But you can start a business without having any sum of money on you. Do you know you can start a business without having a kobo? Yes of course you can start a business with zero capital! Do you know you can clean people’s homes and make money? You don’t need to invest any amount of money to clean people’s homes. There are many working class people who are looking for people to help clean their homes. You can also make money as a nanny. All you need to do is go to your clients’ homes to look after their children and wards when they are away for work and businesses. Do not just sit at home bemoaning the hard situation confronting the country presently. You are not the only person that is experiencing the hard situation; others do. But the difference between you and others is that while you are sitting at home complaining, others are busy trying their hands on something. Common folks, stand on your feet and start something doing right away.  Do not wait for a convenient time in Nigeria nay in Africa!
You can use your special abilities to make money. Your special abilities also known as potentials, when put into action, will open a floodgate of opportunities for you.  So, get on your feet and begin to do something. You can make it. See you on the top.  

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