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How to generate business ideas (1)


Business ideas are the most commonness ideas around us but a lot of people do not seem to know them! Many people are suffering across the world today especially in Africa because there are no jobs out there.  But if these people can just think for a moment, they will discover that there are lots of things they can do and earn handsomely for doing them. Ideas rule the world and not money. This is because nobody can receive money without having ideas. It is ideas that bring money and not the other way round.
Those who have ideas will rule the world. The rate of unemployment will continue to grow because the world population is growing at a geometrical proportion. With a world population of 7.2 billion people, it is practically impossible for governments to provide jobs for all their citizens. According to the International Labour Force (ILF) the unemployment rate is 6.6 per cent which means a little above 3 billion people have jobs. The mind-blowing question now is what happens to the remaining 4.2 billion people that have not jobs? Would they starve to death?
It must be made clear that no nation is rich enough to be able to provide employments for all her citizens; not even America can do that! So, it is difficult to succeed in this competitive world where the demands for jobs are far higher than the supply. Those employed in the few available blue chip companies, government ministries, agencies and parastatals are in the minority compare to those who are not as fortunate. Thus, majority of people across the world are left with only one option, the possibility to use their business ideas to create wealth for themselves as anything short of this will definitely lead to hunger and starvation. However, before we go further we need to know what business ideas are.  Business ideas are simply ideas we can use to create businesses.
 Nevertheless, there are many things people can do to earn a living but the major problem confronting a lot of people is how to discover what they can do through creating business ideas! Thus, the generation of business ideas becomes imperative because that is the only option left for the huge number of the unemployed to get something to do. It is much easier to survive in some of the advanced economies as the unemployed are paid social security monthly for upkeep; this is not done in any African country known to me! This is why the unemployed, especially those on the African Continent should take this topic very seriously because it is aimed at liberating as many that will key into the factors that will be mentioned below.
Discover a need and satisfy it
The easiest way to generate business ideas is to discover a need and satisfy that need. Every business idea must satisfy a need. If your idea can satisfy a need it will undoubtedly lead to a successful business. Fortunately, there are many needs all over the world that are yawning for satisfaction; they are looking for those who can meet them by way of solving them. There are many needs around you that are waiting for you to provide solutions for them. Can you now see those needs around you? 
Do what you love doing most
Another way by which you can generate business ideas is by doing what you love to do most. What is that thing you love to do all time? You can create a business idea within your interest. A woman who loves cooking so very much became a proud owner of one the best restaurants in Nigeria. Before she went into the business of running a restaurant, she was only helping family and friends to cook during their parties: birthdays, house warming, weddings, funerals, meetings etc. However, when people discovered that she could cook very well, they began to hire her to cook for them. At a time demands from people for her to cook for became overwhelming so began to recruit cooks to assist her. These demands dropped the idea for her to establish a restaurant. That was how she started her cooking business and today the woman owns one of the fastest growing restaurants in Nigeria! You can generate your own business idea from what you love doing most.   
Create business idea from your own problem
A particular woman was jobless and was looking for a job desperately. As she was desperately looking for a job she was at the same time worried about where she would keep her two little kids during working hours when she finally gets a job. She was indeed worried! Meanwhile, as she was busy thinking of what she could do with her two kids if she finally secured a job, an idea just dropped into her mind about how she could look after other women’s kids who could find themselves in a similar situation as hers. So, she quickly thought of how she could turn her three bed rooms flat to a creche! That idea clinked and before you could say Jack Robinson that woman started a creche right in her three bed rooms flat and got many women patronizing her! With the success of her creche she abandoned the idea of seeking employment that she originally had. What is your own problem? You too can create a business idea the problem confronting you at the moment. 

How to generate business ideas continued in my next post. Counseling on how to generate business ideas is also available on request. Just call 08039181737.

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