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How To Build A House

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In my post before the last one on this series of housing I talked about Why You Need A Piece Of Land and in my last post I talked about the Importance Of Owning A House. In this post I shall be talking about how to build a house. The first thing to do in building a house is to buy a piece of land. This is very important because this is the first step in building a house. Having bought a piece of land the next step is to buy some blocks. It is not necessary for you to buy all the blocks you need to complete say a three bedroom bungalow which requires about four thousand (4,000) blocks.
You can start to build your house with just five hundred (500) blocks. The five hundred blocks are enough to cover the foundation outlay or take it to the Design Build Concepts (DBC). But if you have enough money you can buy the entire four thousand blocks once or in one fell swoop; there is nothing wrong about it.
After you might have bought the blocks the next action to take is to buy some gravel. A tipper of gravel is enough to do the foundation of a three bedroom bungalow. Thereafter you buy some bags of cement. Ten bags of cement would do if the land is try and level. However you can increase the quantity according to your taste and financial strength. Also, you will need some water. You can get some water from water vendors or neighbours around your land. These are the materials you need to cast the foundation of a house.
Having gotten the materials you will also need the services of artisans such as bricklayers, builders and labourers. These are the workers that will turn your materials into a house that you will live in. With enough materials, a three bedroom bungalow can be built within two weeks or a month. But you need not be in a hurry; you can build a house over a period of time. It is all well and good. The only thing that can slow down the construction of a bungalow is when it gets to the lintel whereby after it is cast it must be allowed to get dried before work continues with the building. And this can take a week or two. Once the blocks have been laid to the roofing level, the next action is to roof the house.
All you need to roof your house are planks, nails, aluminium roofing sheets and artisans or builders. A three bedroom bungalow can be roofed in a day or two. Thereafter, you do the plumbing, wiring, plastering and painting! After painting your house what is next? You either pack in or you let it out and begin to enjoy rents from your tenants. If you pack into your own house you become a landlord and also become free from the harassments of landlord which tenants endure. Is that not wonderful? Is it not good to be a landlord? Won’t you be a landlord? Are you happy being a tenant? You can become a landlord if you choose to. Become a landlord now!
In my next post I shall be talking about where you should build your house. Be on the lookout for it.

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