Friday, 26 February 2016

The Importance of Owning a House


In my last post on this blog I wrote on the topic:Why You Need A Piece of Land. In that post I said that illiterates are the landlords while the educated are the tenants. Also, I pointed to the fact that many educated-rich people who are tenants like to park three to four SUV cars in the compounds where they are tenants yet they don’t want their landlords to increase their rents. In addition, I highlighted the importance of owning a piece of land. I made it clear that without a land nothing can be achieved as every other factor of production depends solely on land to function.

Today, I will direct my focus on the importance of owning a house. One can’t stretch the importance of owning a house. Even animals and birds know the value of a house that is why every animal must build a house. For instance, rabbits dig burrows to live in; rats do the same; lions beautify caves and live in them and birds build nests to rest their heads in the night. You can never see any animal or bird that does not have a house or nest. If animals and birds can build houses to live in why will man that is created in the image of the Almighty God not build a house to live in? If animals and birds can build houses and nests to live in, it is therefore very essential that every man that is working or doing one business or the other should endeavour to build his own house. The reason is because governments across board: council, state and federal levels don’t build houses for the masses. The few houses that have been built so far by the governments are out of the reach of the ordinary citizens of the country. As a three bedroom bungalow sells for as much as N15m while the minimum wage is a paltry N18,000 monthly! At this cost, a civil servant who worked for 35 years and didn’t spend his salary would only be able to save N7,560,000! And there is nobody who works without spending his salary. Therefore, it is practically impossible for ordinary citizens of this country to acquire houses built by the governments. This is why you need to build your own house because it is much easier to build your house. It will interest to note that with 1m you can comfortably build a three bedroom bungalow over a period of time.
It is must be emphasised that once a man owns a house half of his problems have been solved. The reason is because house rents take the largest portions of a man’s incomes. This is because houses are scarce and the few available ones attract huge rents. So, once you own a house, you are free from the oppressions of landlords forever! No landlord will harass you with incessant rent increases; no landlord would quarrel and disgrace you openly for being unable to pay your rent as at when due; no land lord would tell you where to park your car in the compound; no landlord would tell you where you shouldn’t hang your clothes in the compound etc. When you are living in your own house nobody will know whether you have food to eat or not and nobody will know whether you are hungry or not. You are absolutely free when you own a house!
In my next post I shall talk about how to build you own house with very little capital. Be on the lookout for it.

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