Sunday, 21 February 2016

Why President Buhari Cannot Perform

                  President Muhammadu Buhari
With the way and manner President Muhammadu Buhari is running the government it is doubtful that he would achieve anything significant at the end of his tenure in 2019. This fear is genuine because whenever Buhari is leading this country he spends his entire time in office to pursue a biased anti-corruption war and abandons infrastructures and the economy. Though the fight against corruption is applaudable but governance is not just about combating corruption alone; it is more than that.
By providence Buhari has occupied virtually every enviable position in the land but no noteworthy achievements can be traced to all the positions he had occupied over the years because he is a unidirectional leader as he dissipate all his energy on fighting corruption. As a military head of state, he pursued corruption vigorously at the detriment of infrastructural and economic developments. This is why no infrastructure and economic developments can be traced to his almost two years in office as a military head of state. Having led this country in the past, one would have expected Buhari to consider the modalities to preventing corruption rather than fighting corruption since it is much easier to prevent corruption than to fight corruption.
 Today, Mr. Buhari is on the driver’s seat once again but all he tells Nigerians is his war against corruption. Under the illusion of searching for saintly ministers and waging a corruption war, this administration unwittingly lost six months. For a government that has only 48 months to fulfill its campaign promises to the people to have wasted six months in search for angelic ministers that are not available in the country is the height of ignorance, lack of preparedness and deficient reasoning. Above all, no policy has been made as to the direction this government is headed! In addition, since the inauguration of the ministers three months ago they have not made policy statements as to the objectives they are set to pursue and achieve in their various ministries within the tenure of their appointment. It is amazing to note that nine months into this administration that came into being with a change mantra, no foundation has been laid for new schools, barracks, hospitals, roads, airports, power plants, dams, railways, housings, water plants, etc. because this administration lacks direction and focus. All Nigerians hear from the government is war against corruption as if governance is all about combating corruption without achieving other things.
The other undoing of the Buhari led administration are excuses, lamentations and the tales of woes purported to have been perpetrated by the immediate past administration. Daily, Nigerians are told about the bad economy, paucity of funds, how the immediate past administration left an empty treasury and all manners of untenable excuses! These were the same complaints the APC as the opposition party then laid against the PDP during the campaigns. But how long will the APC and the Buhari led government give excuses? The ugly situation in the country is never new to Nigerians; they are aware of it. It didn’t start six years ago as the APC government wants to have us believe; it began in 1914 with the provocative amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates to form this disunited Nigeria. Buhari should be told that Nigerians are not unaware of the situation on ground and that was why they voted him into office to give them change and not to give them excuses! Were excuses the change the APC promised Nigerians during the electioneering? It is pertinent to note that excuses have beclouded the sense of reasoning of this administration and will not do it any good. Will this APC government give excuses for its failure at the end of its tenure in 2019?
 Buhari and the APC led federal government talk as though they were compelled to take over the mantle of leadership of this country. The APC and President Buhari are dwelling so much in the past without realising the fact that time is fast running against them. The cabinet has been inaugurated six months yet there is no policy by any of the ministers. At the end of their tenure of four years, will they still blame the past administration for their failure? This is unacceptable!

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