Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Say No To Banking On March 1, 2016

                                               Chop Chop Bank PLC

                                 See what my bank is doing to me!

Ø  Monthly ATM access charge                                               N100
Ø  Three times ATM withdrawal from other banks                N65
Ø  Annual ATM maintenance charge                                        N1000
Ø  Ten SMS for one transaction at N4                                      N40
Ø  Monthly VAT charge                                                               N5
Ø  Monthly account maintenance charge                                N100
Ø  Annual account maintenance charge                                 N1000

                                           LET US ANALYZE THE ABOVE DATA
If as a customer of a bank I have paid a monthly ATM access charge of N100 for 12 months why should I be compelled to pay an additional charge of N1000 annually for the same ATM in the name of maintenance? Is it my duty to maintain the ATM of the bank I patronize? Let us assume that it is my duty to maintain the ATM of the bank I patronize, should I be charged twice in order to maintain the same ATM? Is this not fraud?
Now, let us look at the short message service (SMS) the banks send to their customers. Why should a bank send ten SMS to a customer for one transaction? Is it not because they are making illegal money from them? For instance, if a bank uses a courier service to send a letter to its customer that the bank will pay for, will it send the same letter twice or thrice? I doubt it!      
Again, what law in Nigeria authorizes a bank to charge VAT on people’s savings in the bank? I have searched all the available banking laws but I have not seen any that authorizes the bank to charge VAT on people’s savings or any other account at all!
Additionally, what is account maintenance? Is bank account an engine that should be maintained that is making the banks to charge their customers N100 monthly and also charge them another N1000 annually for the same purpose? This is ridiculous!
I have the statements of account from two banks where I have saving accounts. I deliberately printed them to buttress my claims on this matter.
It is very painful that with all these abnormal charges and inordinate profits the banks are making annually, they don’t pay interest on the little money the customers have in their bank accounts! Similarly, they don’t give loans to small entrepreneurs! This is sad!

                            HOW DOES YOUR BANK TREAT YOU?
Does your bank treat you the way mine treat me? Do you receive fair treatment from your bank? Are you satisfied with the services your bank render to you? If your answers to these questions are in the negative, then make it a duty to boycott all banking transactions come March 1, 2016. Let us use that day to send a message of warning to all Nigerian banks. Let us tell them that we know their trick and frauds. Let us tell them that we are tired of bearing the burden of their illegal charges!
So, please do all your banking transactions on Monday February 29, 2016 and avoid all banking transactions on Tuesday March 1, 2016! If you don’t go to the bank on that day nothing negative will happen to you, your family or business!
Therefore, please tell your brothers, sisters, friends and relatives about the forthcoming protest. It is for the good of all of us. Also, share this message on your emails, twitter and Facebook walls. 

Know that this absurdity will persist if you don’t join the protest! So, join the protest on March 1, 2016!

Illegal deductions and charges must fall down and die in Nigerian banks!

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