Monday, 30 May 2016

Searching For A Future Spouse In Churches & Others

                                                   A Church                                      
The temple where you can search for your future spouse will depend largely on the religion you practice. Your religion will determine the temple you attend for the purpose of worship. If for instance you are a Christian, it is only natural that you will attend Church regularly. And as you attend Church regularly you will be on the lookout for a spouse in your local Church or any other Church around your community. On the other hand, if you are a Moslem it will be much easier for you to find your future spouse in the Mosque where you worship or any other Mosque around you. As it is with Churches and Mosques so it is with other religions. Though, Christianity and Islam are the two predominant religions in the world but there are multiple religions across the world. There are other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahai Faith, Judaism, Celtic Polytheism, Heathenism, Semitic Neopaganism, Wicca, Kemetism, Hellenism, Italo-Roman Neopaganism, Paganism, New Age, AMORC, Eckankar, “Igbe” etc.  Apart from the religions mentioned above, there are other countless religions in the globe.

Apart from the different religions mentioned above where you can find your future spouse, you can also find your future spouse in other places such as weddings, funerals, buses, bus stops, conferences, meetings, beaches, prisons, courts, nightclubs, police stations, markets, trade exhibitions, supermarkets, schools, carnivals, crusades and hospitals. You can also find your future spouse on the aeroplanes, on trains just name it. You can find your future spouse just anywhere!  
In searching for a future spouse in the various places stated above, the searcher has to be vigilant and observant too. Before you begin to search for a future spouse you should have the picture of the type of lady you want as your future spouse on your mind. In the search for that special lady, there are some questions you must ask yourself. What type of lady am I looking for? What is the height of the lady am I looking for? What is the colour of the lady am I looking for? What is the size of the lady am I looking for? What is the tribe of the lady am I looking for? What is the culture of the lady am I looking for? These questions are very important because they will guide you in making the right choice about the lady you want as a future spouse. If you are looking for a pigmy, dwarf or a giant lady for a wife you will get just that. Is it a black, fair complexioned or white complexioned lady you want as your future spouse? You will definitely get whatever height, size or colour of a lady you want. 

At this point, you are only looking for the physical features you need in a lady. This should be according to the picture and mindset you already formed about the kind of lady you want. The time of searching for a lady is not the right time to look for other characteristics such as honesty, integrity, fidelity, openness, morality, truth, trust etc. It is after you might have met the lady whose physical appearance appeals to you and both of you have begun to associate before you can start to look for those characteristics mentioned above.  
As mentioned earlier on, it is men that search for the ladies and not the other way round. It is not the duty of ladies to search for men to get married to them; this is against the law of nature. However, ladies can be on the lookout and watchful for possible signs of advances from the men. Ladies need to be at alert at all times so they don’t mistakenly turndown advances from their possible future spouses. Many na├»ve and ignorant ladies have missed their future spouses in the past. This shouldn’t be the case.

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