Tuesday, 23 February 2016


                          A Dream Home
Land is the most important asset here on earth. Without land other factors of production are irrelevant and can’t take place. Land hosts every other thing on earth. The skyscrapers, factories and industries, roads, railway lines, airports etc. are all built on land. The importance of land can never be overemphasized. After an aeroplane has flown in the air for many hours, it must descend and rest on land. After a ship has sailed in the water for many hours, it will come to the seaport and rest. Without land nothing can stand.

Though, land is very important but it seems many people don’t know its value yet! It is even more painful that those who seem not to know the immense value of land are the literates while the illiterates seem to know the importance of land. This is why you see illiterates such as bricklayers, mechanics, welders, tailors, commercial drivers, commercial motorcyclists, petty traders etc. who are in the informal sector building houses for professors, bankers, insurance and oil workers etc. to rent! Illiterates are landlords while the educated are tenants. This is strange but it is the plain truth!
The professors, bankers, insurance and oil workers etc. of this world don’t want to build houses but they are looking for cheap houses to rent! They live very large; park three to four SUV cars in another man’s compound but don’t want the landlord to increase their rents. For God sake how can you park four SUV cars in another man’s compound and yet you don’t want him to increase your rent? What are you doing with four jeeps in another man’s compound? Can’t you sell some of those cars, buy a plot of land somewhere and begin to build your own house? Are you too young or small to own a house? What is wrong with you? What is the problem?
These literates who refused to build houses once they lose their jobs they become deflated like balloons! Why? Because they can no longer afford the huge rents they pay in those duplexes they live in Lekki, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Magodo, Yaba, Allen, Opebi, Surulere etc. Thus, within three months of losing their jobs they suddenly become pauper and beggars! When this happens they begin to accuse witches and wizards as those responsible for their predicaments. But when they were buying varied brands of cars and living in other people’s duplexes witches and wizards were not responsible for their success then. I hope you will not be like one of them! In order to avoid the embarrassments from your landlord, please try and own a house.
Now, the first step in owning a house is to buy a piece of land. Once you own a piece of land you can begin to think of building your own house. And to build a house is very simple. You don’t need to have N1m before you begin to build a house. It is even more difficult to buy a good car than to build a house. This is because to buy a car, in most cases, you must have the total sum of money that equates the price of the car before you can buy a car! But it is not so with building a house. You build a house little by little.
Do you know that after acquiring a piece of land you can begin to build a three bedroom flat with just one hundred thousand (N100,000)! You may not believe it but that is just the truth.
                                  DO YOU NEED A PIECE OF LAND?
If your answer is YES, there are plots of land at Akute, Mowoe, Isheri, Ibafo etc. Just call the mobile number on the left hand side of this blog to make your inquiry. We help people to buy land and build their houses for them. Give it a try and a trial will definitely convince you.

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